Help for self-help in Myanmar (Burma)

Welcome to the homepage of INEDUCO Foundation!

INEDUCO is a small foundation. For over 20 years, it has been engaged in economic, social and environmental issues for marginalised groups in Myanmar (Burma), a country which for many decades - with a short interruption (November 2015 - February 2021) - has been largely neglected and boycotted by the world community for political reasons.
INEDUCO - along with other, much larger development organisations - has been able to make some headway in the course of the last few years.
But there is still a lot - a lot - of catching up to do before the gaps in income generation (IN = INcome generating), education (EDU = EDUcation) and community development (CO = COmmunity development) alone will be more or less closed. However, this is an important prerequisite for a majority of Burmese to remain in the country in the future and to lead a life in dignity, with self-confidence and a certain personal freedom, security and independence.

Humanitarian Aid in Burma

Zurich, March 2023

In the very difficult situation of Myanmar (Burma), we from INEDUCO still agree: "Humanitarian Aid" is needed; the country is in a civil war since the beginning of February 2021; and many people have lost their simple jobs and hardly know how to survive.

We are in contact with a wide variety of people almost every day; all social classes are represented: from unskilled workers to university professors and self-employed entrepreneurs. The latter, by the way, also provide assistance to the poorer ones within their means. 

Our support works like this: The money is transferred to four of our local friends. These are people we have known for more than 10 years from our joint INEDUCO project work. They buy e.g., rice, oil and eggs and distribute this in a real project-action. Or they organize a distribution of the money through their private channels. Photos and signatures document who exactly received help. Or they document with a short video how the aid (basic food, medicine) reaches e.g., people who are looking for recyclable items on the garbage dumps.

Financial support for these humanitarian actions is very welcome!
 INDEDUCO accepts these funds, Heinz Ermatinger and Niklaus Brockhaus guarantee the proper use in the sense described.
A note "Humanitarian Aid" additionally ensures the appropriate use.
These donations can also be deducted from income tax.
And finally, the latest news from March 2023: 
New, very small projects could be initiated, e.g., a kind of library for small children who cannot attend school.
And in the meantime, the money for projects that have existed for a long time is flowing again!

Heinz Ermatinger and Niklaus Brockhaus; IBAN: CH17 0023 5235 2356 3540 J