Help for self-help in Myanmar (Burma)

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INEDUCO is a small foundation. For over 20 years, it has been engaged in economic, social and environmental issues for marginalised groups in Myanmar (Burma), a country which for many decades - with a short interruption (November 2015 - February 2021) - has been largely neglected and boycotted by the world community for political reasons.
INEDUCO - along with other, much larger development organisations - has been able to make some headway in the course of the last few years.
But there is still a lot - a lot - of catching up to do before the gaps in income generation (IN = INcome generating), education (EDU = EDUcation) and community development (CO = COmmunity development) alone will be more or less closed. However, this is an important prerequisite for a majority of Burmese to remain in the country in the future and to lead a life in dignity, with self-confidence and a certain personal freedom, security and independence.


Humanitarian Aid Strategy 2023

Burma has been in a state of emergency and civil war for several years following the military coup on February 1, 2021. The economy has collapsed to such an extent that hundreds of thousands have lost their jobs or are in existential need.

INEDUCO basically provides support to income generation projects, education and community work. Many of the projects in the agricultural sector are also natural disaster prevention.

In the extraordinary situation that has been ongoing since 2021, the foundation also provides humanitarian aid where possible.

The victims of crises and armed conflicts are supported. INEDUCO cannot participate in political or even military dialogue.
Special attention is given to the protection of the most affected civilian population. Equality of women and men, respect for human rights are a matter of course for the grants.
Regardless of religion, language, political views and social affiliation, only individuals and families who are known by name are supported.
This prevents the "watering can principle".
Das verhindert das «Giesskannenprinzip».

INEDUCO provides humanitarian aid through partners and partner organizations that are active on the ground. The money flows in small units (max. CHF 1,000) to people known to us from many years of cooperation. These in turn distribute in small units of about CHF 30 in cash, food or medicine to people known to them, whether directly in the conflict area or in Yangon; about half of the inhabitants live below the Burmese subsistence level.

Nevertheless, we succeed in stimulating and supporting even small projects to generate income and create jobs.

For further information about the situation in Burma a small selection of sources:

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Zurich, May 2023, Niklaus Brockhaus and Heinz Ermatinger