Help for self-help in Myanmar (Burma)

Welcome to the homepage of INEDUCO Foundation!

INEDUCO is a small foundation established in 2007. Initially on a private basis and later on through the foundation, the founder of INEDUCO has been dedicated to supporting socially and economically marginalized people in Myanmar (Burma) for more than twenty years. Myanmar is a country which for many decades has been shunned and boycotted by the world community because of political reasons.

Luckily a great deal has changed in the meantime. Nevertheless, whatever has been marginalized in the past 50 years cannot be changed overnight.

There is still a lot - a lot - to catch up Until the gaps in income generating, education and community development alone will have been filled, much remains to be done. However, progress particularly in these areas is an important prerequisite for the Myanmar people to be able to live a life in dignity in the future, based on confidence and a certain degree of personal freedom, security and independence.


Areas of support of INEDUCO Foundation

Our primary focus is on income generating projects

Education, vocational training and continuing education und

Community Development

economically and socially marginalised people...


Projects areas

Income generating projects

We run income generating projects („IN“ = „Income generating“) by...   ...providing start-up assistance after vocational training (e.g. sewing machines, scissors and equipment of sewing shops)

.. assisting the establishment, maintenance and funding of start capital of microcredit organisations (e.g. income generation for nursery school tuition which is not covered or funding for the purchase of goods and seeds by market women and farmers).

Education, vocational training and continuing education

Education, vocational training and continuing education …("EDU“ = "Education") is particularly close to our hearts

INEDUCO supports socially and economically marginalized children (-> Early child-care and development, ECCD), during...

As part of the Career Enhancement Program (CEP), non-wealthy Burmese who are already in the work process and have little technical knowledge - in Saturday and Sunday courses - acquire basic skills in the areas of “setting up a small business”, “microfinance” and “administration -tion, finance and accounting ”. Over 1,500 certificates have already been issued over the past 10 years.

During the course of this training, the students, lecturers and the school management asked for a more “contemporary” training method, such as “Learner Centered Teaching (LCT)”. Since 2015, this has led to training for teachers (Training of Trainers, ToT). Successful completion of this course is rewarded with a certificate from the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences. SME entrepreneurs are also increasingly interested in the “Learner Centered Teaching (LCT)” method practiced in ToT and “Management of the Learning Organization”.

INEDUCO supports physically disabled persons (by means of educational programms and tools as well as procuring purchasing agencies)

INEDUCO also offers complementary programs and supplementary benefits within the framework of public education (ranging from buckets for rainwater to school material and desks to training programs for the benefit of sensibilisation for a sustainable environment)

Community Development

From a political point of view INEDUCO considers community development …(„CO“ = "Community Development") … to be of utmost importance for ... displaced and
resettled persons

economically and socially marginalised people...

...for the purpose of income generation and/or long term improvement and alleviation of poor living conditions.

Workshop with teachers, parents and other village representatives.... about activities of the next project phase and its priorities in the framework of a larger and diverse environmental project in the Ayeyarwady-delta.

Introduction to the cultivation of fruit trees and vegetable growing in „home gardens“ (for remote, rural households)

Supporting action for minimal power supply (for remote, rural households)

These ladies proudly present blouses sewn by themselves after attending an introductory course (in camps for people displaced by war in North East Myanmar)

Introduction of energy saving cooking areas (mainly in border areas of protected forest reserves)

Humanitarian Aid

INEDUCO provides humanitarian assistance...  

... to people living in precarious situations and in conflict areas (e.g. supply of wholesome nutrition; educational programs in camps for internally displaced people)

... in disaster areas, e.g. in 2008 to areas strongly damaged by cyclone „Nargis“ in the Ayeyarwady Delta (e.g. assistance for the reconstruction of houses, schools, bridges as well as funding of boats for children’s way to school)

Sewing education in camps for internally displaced persons (IDP)

Civil war still rages in certain parts of Burma. Women and children live in camps for Internally Displaced Persons, waiting to be able to return to their heavily mined villages.

Projects areas

Which projects does INEDUCO support?

INEDUCO supports projects throughout Myanmar where we have been able to establish relationships of confidence with local people and where networks have been set up since 2001. At the moment our project emphasis is in: Yangon and vicinity Ayeyarwady Delta (Pyapon and Bogalay Townships) Kachin State (Myitkyina and vicinity) Southern Shan State (Inle Lake area) Rakhine State (Gwa and Kanthaya Townships)