Help for self-help in Myanmar (Burma)

Welcome to the homepage of INEDUCO Foundation!

INEDUCO is a small foundation. For over 20 years, it has been engaged in economic, social and environmental issues for marginalised groups in Myanmar (Burma), a country which for many decades - with a short interruption (November 2015 - February 2021) - has been largely neglected and boycotted by the world community for political reasons.
INEDUCO - along with other, much larger development organisations - has been able to make some headway in the course of the last few years.
But there is still a lot - a lot - of catching up to do before the gaps in income generation (IN = INcome generating), education (EDU = EDUcation) and community development (CO = COmmunity development) alone will be more or less closed. However, this is an important prerequisite for a majority of Burmese to remain in the country in the future and to lead a life in dignity, with self-confidence and a certain personal freedom, security and independence.