About us

The founder and Managing Director of INEDUCO Foundation, Niklaus Brockhaus, started his supporting activities for Burma on an entirely private basis in February 2001 within the scope of a fruit tree planting as well as a reforestation project in Shan State. He financed the missing 60 % of a centralised rice mill for seven Pa’o villages (roughly 450 households).

Initially, financial support ensued almost exclusively from private acquaintances, family and friends. At a later stage, funding was complemented by various private institutions such as schools, churches, associations and other foundations.

Upon the advice of colleagues, INEDUCO with its main three focuses was founded in 2007 and listed in the commercial register.

For large development projects, INEDUCO is systematically counselled by Heinz Ermatinger, an education and quality expert. He also is in charge of monitoring long-term development projects

Management and Volunteers


- Niklaus Brockhaus (president and managing director) 

- Thomas Bienz (trustee and finances)

- Marianne Rigonalli (member)

- Maja Schiftan (member)

- Valerie Brockhaus (member)

- Dominik Wlodarczak (member)

Burmese Responsible Persons:

Daw Lu Sam (Education)

Dr. Maung Maung Than (Community Development and Environment)

Mr. Zung Ting (Projects in Kachin State)

Daw Aye Aye Thin (Consulting in cultural issues) 


Jürg Badertscher, Turicum Wirtschaftsprüfung AG, Zürich

Organisationsentwicklung und Qualitätskontrolle

Heinz Ermatinger; E-Mail: www.bueropilatusstr.ch

Ineduco in figures (over the last 5 years)

Number of projects supported annually *)


Support contributions per project per year in CHF

200- 15’000

Support contributions per year in CHF

60’000 – 80’000

Number of people benefiting from the projects

6’000 – 8’000

Project donations received per year in CHF

80’000 – 100’000

*) Small projects of up to CHF 2,000 are grouped under the heading "Small projects"


Donations are warmly welcome! Because we work with a minimal capital we depend on donations.

Our travel, accommodation and administrative costs are privately funded.  Therefore donations reach beneficiaries of projects in Myanmar in its entirety, meaning that a donation of ONE Swiss Franc = ONE Swiss Fran for the project.

IBAN:  CH17 0023 5235 2356 3540 J

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Niklaus Brockhaus (Managing Director and President of the Board of Trustees)

Eggstrasse 36d
8102 Oberengstringen

Email: nbrockhaus(at)brock-haus.ch

You can contact me by mail.


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