The members of the Board as well as the auditors are working in a voluntary capacity. The Foundation is not charged with per diem allowances, attendance fees, travel expenses, lost working costs and administration expenses.

All donations therefore are fully allocated to the projects. Assistance takes place in direct contact with local stakeholders (local NGOs and private individuals). This contact is being ensured by members of the Board as well as other competent personalities.


The tax authorities of the Canton of Zurich have granted tax exemption for all donations as well as for the Foundation itself.


At least once per year reporting is made to the Board of Trustees and to the Swiss Federal Supervisory Authority for Foundations of the Department of Home Affairs (supervisory body). Further information / interim reports are published according to current circumstances and communication opportunities. We are happy to answer any questions relating to the projects that might arise.

Vision/Mission/The root of our name

Unterstützung von gesellschaftlichen, wirtschaftlichen und sozialen Randgruppen, durch einkommensfördernde Massnahmen (z.B. Kauf einer Maschine für Kerzenproduktion)

(INcome generating)

Aus- und Weiterbildung (Vorschul- bis Berufsbildung)


Empfang im Rahmen der (Dorf)gemeinschaftsentwicklung

(COmmunity development)

Humanitäre Einzelaktionen z.B.  in Vertriebenenlagern

How INEDUCO works

By means of consulting, financing and support of small and medium-sized development projects. Structuring of projects is largely dependent on mutually developed ideas and needs of project beneficiaries. INEDUCO favours sustainable projects which encourage self-initiative of project beneficiaries and which enable autonomous pursuit of the initiated projects in the medium term (“sustainability”).

Vorgespräche mit Vertrauenspersonen und Übersetzer(inne)n

Negotiations with project managers


Bei den grossen Projekten erfolgt regelmässig ein Monitoring und Reporting zu Handen der Projektleitung und den Spender(inne)n.

At times the Foundation also provides general information, intermediary reports as well as items on current affairs.

Reporting is done at least once per year to the Board of Trustees and the Swiss Federal Supervisory Authority for Foundations which is supervised by the Federal Department of Home Affairs.